With 100 hand picked peers, IQ membership has its privileges: an unofficial board of advisors, production support anywhere in the world, inspiration, new business models, networking opportunities, and personal introductions to the people who are shaping our industry. Our global body of producers books hundreds of millions of dollars of business each year, our members win multiple Oscars, Palme D’or, copious Clio and numerous Cine Golden Eagles. Meet us.

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Charles Drouin

Clark Wang

Corinne Burns Bruno

Curt Hahn

Daniel Arnold

Daniel Arnold


Doel Trivedy

Donna Hampton

Donna Hampton

Donna Lawrence

Donna Lawrence

Dragos Vilcu

Ed Grozich

Eric Vandecasteele

Filiz Emre

Galina Goldfeld

Gareth Wiley

GautamPandey_Profile crop

Gautam Pandey

Giovanni Bedeschi

Gosia Zatorska Trojanowska

Greg Moyer

James Lingwood

James Tusty