IQ performs global test of revolutionary video software

Eske Grunge is the CEO for the IT company ACTIMO. Eske has, with great success, created a very smart software that enables businesses to send videos to and from their mobile phones. Among other features, the system enables you to have an intelligent overview of who opened the film – and who actually saw the whole thing.

Eske Grunge:
We are a start up company that actually went right into production and sales the moment we got our invention to work. Large companies here in Denmark are already in demand for our software, but we want to go global with our inventions. We quickly realized that what we need for that further step was a global test of our software from people who do not only understand new software – but people who already deliver top quality content and communication all over the world. People like IQ.
When Eske Grunge contacted IQ – production company owners from more than 15 countries started testing Actimos software. And soon the test results started coming in.

Eske Grunge:
I was extremely happy when I read one of the first responses – from Costa Rica. Not only was IQ member Roberto Sanchez very satisfied with our software – he also offered his experience and knowledge of Central America. Now I really want to talk further with Mr. Sanchez.

Roberto Sanchez is CEO for 921 PRO:
I am always interested when I see new business possibilities – and testing a new software via IQ gives me the possibility of staying on edge. And yes, when I see a business possibility – I go for it.

Donna Hampton, CEO of CAPITOL Productions Sydney, Australia and President of IQ:
The Actimo software worked very well when tested, the video played-back had great picture and sound quality. IQ is happy to assist, to share the knowledge our collective group has and to assist like-minded global partners.
The Actimo software was tested in Canada, Australia, USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, India, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Panama, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Poland, Hong Kong, England, France, South Africa and Kenya.

Eske Grunge:
I am so very satisfied with this global test. The investment for doing it will come back tenfold. When my company Actimo reaches new levels with new inventions – I hope that IQ will, once again – give me that global touch through the organization’s strength in content combined with these guys also being independent film producers. My technical department loves this. And so does marketing. Thanks IQ.





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