6 x 52’ HD Documentary Television Series

The wall is prison.

The other side can be many things: loved ones, old ways, new opportunities, social scorn, community support, loneliness, learning and temptation.

No matter what, life is harder on the other side.

The Other Side of the Wall is conceived as a character driven narrative about individual convicts going through the precarious transition from incarcerated life to freedom without bars. For each of our characters, getting on the other side of the wall is a unique story revealing as much about the individual as it does about the place he or she has crossed over to, the place he or she has returned to. The stories bear unvarnished witness of what it takes to survive as an ex-con in a world where the sentence may have been completed, but the price is still to be paid.

There is nothing common about the stories to be told. Each takes place in a different culture, in a different country with uncommon challenges. This gritty, hard-nose television series is produced by seasoned IQ producers from around the world who are invested in making outstanding content. It can only be accomplished because of the common trust and sustaining access shared with the various filmmakers.





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