The annual conference expresses the core IQ membership experience.
Throughout the seven-day event, members share ideas, insights and
information about the latest industry developments.

Highlighted by up-to-date business, marketing and creative seminars, it is a time to meet other members in person, to candidly discuss your industry interests and goals, to exchange valuable information and receive feedback on your concepts and productions.

Throughout the week-long conference, members screen and discuss their work. Discussion is lively and productive, passion interspersed with laughter and the sheer enjoyment of sharing ideas with like-minded professionals.

IQ conferences are poles apart from any other industry meeting you will attend. With stunning annually changing venues as diverse as New York, Tokyo, Rome, Reykjavik and Sydney, you have the opportunity to visit faraway member destinations and further cement the global IQ friendships and alliances.

"For me, the IQ Annual Conference is the heart of membership. At a conference, we share with all the world, what is so precious for us; our own strategy, business, questions and challenges."

Charles Drouin, IQ VP CorporateTulipes Films, Paris France

"This is a date our members eagerly await: to have the opportunity to share what the year has been for each one of us. We are partners, friends, colleagues who support and learn from each other during those intense seven days."

Jean SharonyWhiskey Co., Los Angeles, USA

"The IQ conference provides opportunities to build your business, develop relationships and learn from others. In a nutshell, it is an experience not to be missed."

Peter-Christian FueterC Films, Zurich, Switzerland

IQ Conferences To Date


October 13 - 18, 2024

As much as it is for members, the Annual IQ Conference is equally an opportunity to reach out to some of the most active and interesting filmmakers from around the world.

Over an intense week of business learning and creative exchanges, IQ conferences involve leading guest speakers, panel discussions, workshop sessions, member presentations, new technologies and screenings. In addition to showcasing the best of the Conference Host members’ industry and locale.

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