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A graduate of the London Film School, Jim Bigham is a diehard filmmaker since the early seventies. 
Jim has worked all over the United States and abroad, handling many levels of production on projects, including major feature films, television, documentaries, and hundreds of national and international commercial campaigns.  Jim took the first film crew behind the Iron Curtain to produce Glasnosts Rock in September 1988.  This historic rock concert was the first of its kind, recording the opening of the Soviet Union through the Baltic States’ version of Woodstock.

He has over thirty feature film credits, including iconic Great Expectations, Body Heat, Plastic, and Bad Boys He was first exposed to commercials in the 70s while working on Saturday Night Live and its famed parody commercials.  In 1996, Jim was the line producer for Turner Classics, Chasing the Dream, an Academy Award-nominated documentary.

Jim is now a Florida UPM/Line Producer and just completed working on Marvel’s  Black Widow, Dr Strange, and reshoots for the recently released Ms. Marvel. He production managed Tim Burton’s film titled, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and was the supervising producer of 2nd unit production on Dumbo, Burton’s released 2019.  He production managed The Romanoff’s, episodic television show to be released in the fall of 2018 on Amazon, (with the producers of Mad Men) and the HBO pilot Ballers in 2014.  Jim was UPM on the acclaimed Steven Soderbergh’s film Magic Mike.  Prior, Jim was UPM on the 2011 feature film Dolphin Tale.

Jim’s most recent documentary, For Once In My Life, which he directed/produced, won the Audience Awards at SXSW, Sarasota and Nashville Film Festivals, and Jury awards at Sonoma and Nashville, and winner of several international festivals throughout 2010-12.  Jim and the film won the International Documentary Association Award for Best Musical Documentary in 2010.  This film was a 2012-2014 selection for the US State Department and USC’s American Showcase Series, shared with several European and Asian countries.

Jim received a 2007 Independent Spirit Award for the feature film Sweet Land, which he produced.  This narrative feature film was also named one of the Ten Best Films of 2006 by over a dozen critics, including the Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly.

Jumping back and forth between the many facets of the film industry has allowed Jim to work with an unusual number of top Directors and Cinematographers.  In 2007, he produced three documentaries that appeared in the New World of Coca-Cola Museum to celebrate the History of Advertising. The Coca-Cola “Pop Culture” doc was directed by and collaborated with the legendary documentary filmmaker DA Pennebaker.

Jim is a member of the elite IQ Association (International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers), connecting him with over 100 top producers representing 35 different countries.

Jim understands and has mastered the creative process of taking a project from concept through completion.  “Balancing all the elements and shaping it into a complete film that people can enjoy is what it’s all about.”  He has witnessed numerous shifts in technology and industry techniques, all of which Jim claims he embraces and draws upon daily.   Jim admits, “I love the process of making films and respect the powerful message and influence that media has on its audiences.”

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