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Diego Martinez-Ulanosky is a director, writer and producer from Argentina, based in Mexico. He is known for creating, directing and producing the Netflix original series DESENFRENADAS (a.k.a. Unstoppable). The show premiered on February 2020 in 190 countries with a great reception from the audience and the critics, and became a finalist in the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards as best streaming drama series.

Diego was also a general producer and show runner on the Mexican TV series SOY TU FAN, which aired with big success on Once, MTV, Netflix and Pantaya.

In 2009 he founded CAPONETO, one of the leading content creation companies in Latin America, dedicated to the development and production of original series, feature films, branded content and live shows. On the TV side, CAPONETO has created and produced scripted and unscripted shows for networks like MTV, Netflix, Fox, History, Lifetime and A&E. Apart from creating original formats, they have a vast experience in production services for international clients, wanting to produce in Latin America. From a soap opera for TVI Portugal, to the Kids Choice Awards Mexico for Nickelodeon, or scenes based in Mexico for the popular spanish TV show PAQUITA SALAS for Netflix, they work with different production teams to provide top of the level production values.

On the FILM side, CAPONETO produces and co-produces feature films with a focus on original, diverse and risky voices, such as ANIMO JUVENTUD (a.k.a. “Go Youth” – HBO max) and TENGO MIEDO TORERO (a.k.a. “My Tender Matador” – Amazon Prime), which premiered at the Venice Film Festival with great reception and won recognition in festivals around the globe.
On the BRANDED side, they create and produce marketing strategies and original branded content to position new titles for networks such as Netflix, MTV, Paramount. One case of success was the positioning of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things for the Latin American market, creating short movies, social media videos, live experiences and even a branded attraction for the Horror Nights in Six Flags.

Currently, Diego Martinez-Ulanosky is working on new original developments, such as HOW TO BE A GHOST, a new original series for HBO MAX, and producing the feature film LA VIRGEN DE LA TOSQUERA, a Mexican-Argentinian-Spanish coproduction based on the short story by awarded writer Mariana Enriquez. He has also finished his first novel, EL HOMBRE ROTO, that will soon be published. 

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Once, MTV, Netflix, Fox, History, Lifetime, A&E, HBO.

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Direction, writing, production.


Business Phone: +55 52 122 041
Business Email: [email protected]
Business Address: Cuernavaca 114 Dto 402, Colonia Condesa,
City: Mexico City, Mexico
Business Zip/Postal Code: 06140
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Facebook: @caponeto

Company Overview

CAPONETO is a production company based in Latin America founded in 2009. We produce TV series, Feature Films and Branded content, with an emphasis on young directors and original voices. We have a passion for fresh ideas in film from different parts of the world.

Thanks to our experience of over 12 years partnering with major networks and agencies, producing and marketing series, movies, documentaries and TV shows, we have positioned ourselves as a benchmark for the industry in the region.