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Year Joined: 2023

Country: United States
City: New York
Languages: English, Simple Spanish


Dana’s career path evolved from a series of interesting events. Firmly planning to become a physician, she sat next to a production company owner at a dinner party during her senior year in college, and the rest, as they say, was history. With dueling degrees in communication and biology, she started as a PA for an animatic production company and grew into an Emmy Award-winning producer, production manager, director of vfx + post-production, and onto leadership roles within the industry.
Dana served as Managing Director and EP of the award-winning creative studio PMcD Design for many years. She followed that experience by leading a variety of teams, including a digital content start-up, Oprah’s Traveling Lifestyle event, SYFY Comic Con Strategic Partnerships, and US Managing Director of global content agency EDISEN.
The move to Lava Studio reunites Bonomo with Lava President Robert Kirkpatrick, who worked together early in their careers. While she has engaged in several disciplines, she always finds her way back to her passion – working with creative and design talent.
To mark a milestone birthday, Dana began entering sprint triathlons with other moms, where they quickly learned that laughing and finishing without needing medical attention is way more fulfilling than actually competing.

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Company: Lava Studio
Business Phone: New York +1 646-616-0406, Miami +1 305-860-9909
Business Address: 4501 N Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach, Fl 33140 USA
City: Miami and New York City, US

Company Overview

Lava is a full-service creative studio, blending live production, animation and VFX with an emphasis on original design. We take projects from concept through completion for films, networks, agencies, and brands. Lava’s tight-knit creative team thrives on projects that require unique solutions. Our portfolio includes main titles and VFX for features and series, production and graphic design for sports and children’s programming, and all kinds of animation and FX for advertising, documentaries, corporate videos, social media and entertainment.