IQ Board Position: VP Production Services
Country: Poland
Languages: Polish, English, Swedish, French


Moved to Poland from Sweden in the end of 1990-ties.
Former journalist student at the University of Warsaw and journalist that realised quite quickly film production was the goal of her career path
Working at Tango since 1999 from being a production assistant to producer and executive producer and co-owner.
Being involved in big projects for the main Clients shooting not only in Poland but also in New Zealand, Cuba, South Africa, Malaysia and many European countries.
Since 2005 responsible for all Procter & Gamble related work as well as international production service work. Involved in international shoots for the P&G brands with celebrities.

Starting in 2015, Tango mainly focused on getting interesting commercial projects to shoot in Poland as production service. Since then Tango has line produced for many internationally recognized production houses from around the world.

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Company: TANGO
Business Phone: +48 602 603 114
Business Email: [email protected]
Business Address: Dominikańska 13 02-738 Warsaw
City: Warsaw, Poland
IQ Board Position: VP Commercials

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