Country: Spain


Pamela Drewe worked in commercial film production for most of her life.   In 1968 she founded Pierrot Films S.A. in Madrid with her husband Eduardo Maclean – he directed, she produced.   The company won many awards over the years, both Spanish and International.   When they divorced in 1984 Pamela founded Spika Films S.A. as sole owner and producer and continued working with Eduardo as well as other directors, directing some commercials herself.   This company was also very successful and won many awards both national and international.

In 1996 Pamela joined IQ and was VP Membership from 1997 until 2010, becoming a retired member in 2011.   In 2016 she was thrilled to be awarded honorary membership.   She has always loved IQ, a truly unique organization she values highly.   As a retired member she follows the activities and achievements of all the members with keen interest.

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Commercial Film Production


Company: Spika Films SA
City: Madrid, Spain

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