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Penned Pictures has been working on a Finland-Estonia-Sweden-Germany-Austria feature film entitled Never Alone. The script is freely based on the book “Uncle Stiller” by Finnish journalist Rony Smolar, as well as real events. It follows the deportation from Finland of eight Austrian-Jewish refugees by the Gestapo during World War II and the work of Abraham Stiller, a pillar of the Helsinki Jewish community, who tried to stop it from happening. It’s the first cinematic treatment of this subject, which producer Ilkka Matila says was too painful a story for the Finnish state and the entire society to speak about publicly.

Interiors are currently shooting in Tallinn before the production returns to Helsinki. 33 shooting days are expected for the film’s 91 scenes, with post-production completed in 2024.

John Höernschemeyer

[email protected]

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