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Sula Entertainment’s new movie, based on Hortensia Moreno’s book, The Strange Case of the Claustrophobic Ghost, premiered this past August 25th in more than 120 countries through the Prime Video platform.

The Strange Case of the Claustrophobic Ghost has great actors, such as Lukas Urkijo, Ana Emilia (in her feature film debut), Fausto Espejel, Dominika Paleta, Danae Reynaud and Rodrigo Cachero. Produced by Julieta Perales, Alejandro Sugich and Beatriz Herrera Bours under Sula Films trademark and the support of EFICINE Productions. The film centers on young brothers Nikolaj and Emil, who discover a ghost living in the bedroom of their new home. Together with their new friend Ximena, they decide to find out what kind of ghost lives in their home and how to get rid of it. The three friends embark on a new adventure, leading them to find out about the city they live in, its history, and how to help their ghost solve his unfinished business.

Follow this link to watch the trailer.

Alex Sugich

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