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Member to Member: Turkey & Finland

By April 30, 2014September 13th, 2019No Comments

Ictas-Astaldi is a Turkish-Italian joint venture that undertakes big construction projects in Turkey and Russia. They invited IQ member Filiz Emre and her company Nis Productions to make a film about one of their most important projects in St. Petersburg called the WHSD Project. It’s a highway that is situated mostly on the water in and out of the city. This will connect the islands of St. Petersburg, making transportation easier for people living there as well as for transit vehicles.

The first thing Filiz did was to contact the IQ members in Russia, Ukraine, and Finland. Pepe Teirikari with his company Pohjantahti-Elokuva Ltd in Finland was very much interested in the project and acted very fast and effectively, and both IQ members decided to work together.

Pepe found a good helicam company for our aerial shooting and the producers met in St. Petersburg. It was risky business due to weather conditions. The area to be shot was at sea side and mostly windy and rainy at that time of the year. However, they were quite lucky as they had beautiful weather, and very little wind during their two days of shooting.

As soon as Filiz got back to Turkey she was able to look at the footage, and was very happy with the material that was shot, and so was the client. It was a very successful collaboration, and they are hoping for more coproductions soon.

Fıliz Emre | Istanbul, Turkey

Nis Production | [email protected]

Pepe Pentti Teirikari | Helsinki, Finland

Pohjantahti-Elokuva Ltd | [email protected]