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Northern Light Makes Killer Movie

By June 4, 2013September 13th, 2019No Comments

We just finished an Investigation Discovery hour-long documentary called Whitey Bulger – The Making of a Monster. Heavily recreated, it chronicles the life of one of America’s most wanted men, who hid from the cops for more than 16 years. Today he sits in jail at age 82 awaiting trial for 19 grizzly murders.

I got interested in this story when we first started making short pieces for the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. Whitey had succeeded in corrupting the Boston FBI office as he took over the local Mafia, guaranteeing him a place in the convict’s hall of fame. Investigation Discovery reminded us their demographic is women aged 35-55 who are interested in the killings, so our film evolved into a psychological journey exploring how a sociopath became so vicious and so powerful. He’s a smart, classic Type A personality who likes control. I think I know some others.

Bestor Cram
Northern Light Productions
IQ member, USA