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Telecine Wins Best Corporate Communications In Digital Signage

By November 19, 2015September 13th, 2019No Comments

Left to right: Evan Burrows (Acorda Therapeutics), Donna Hampton (Managing Director, Telecine), Scott Slutcher (Executive Director, ICX), Renée Hampton (Project Manager, Telecine), Elvis Ruiz (Acorda Therapeutics).

From feature films, to commercials, to graphic animation, our members continue to produce outstanding work across mediums, and this one is no exception.

Montreal based company Telecine recently won the Award for Best Corporate Communications in Digital Signage at Chicago’s 2015 International Customer Experience (ICX) Summit.

Created for Acorda Therapeutics Inc., the digital signage project “SynapseTV” uses highly creative and effective communication content on screens installed throughout Acorda’s offices in New York and Boston.

We are thrilled to be working with Acorda Therapeutics and proud of this project because it proves that it is also worth putting thought and effort into creating great employee communications” says Rénee Hampton, Account Manager at Telecine.

The system has quickly become a focal point in Acorda Therapeutics’ employee communications. The customized software automatically and painlessly builds and displays captivating, dynamic and relevant content by constantly accessing internet and intranet data.